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Konrad Graf: Cymbal Selection and Performance Techniques

In this video, Konrad Graf, solo percussionist with the Frankfurt Radio Symphony (hr-Sinfonieorchester Frankfurt), discusses cymbal selection and unique performance techniques in the orchestra literature, including works of Beethoven (9th Symphony), Tchaikosky (4th Symphony, Romeo & Juliet), Bruckner (7th Symphony) and Rachmaninov (Piano Concerto No. 2). Konrad also demonstrates 20 and 24 inch Zildjian prototype cymbals.


Konrad studied with Professor Bernhard Wulff at the Freiburg Music Academy in Freiburg, Germany. He has collaborated with Luigi Nono and the experimental studio of the Süwestfunk Orchestra as well as working as a percussionist and timpanist with the Southwest German Philharmonic Orchestra of Constance from 1987-1989.

From 1989-1990, Konrad was 1st percussionist, deputy solo timpanis with Sinfonieorchester Basel and has been a member of the Frankfurt Radio Symphony (hr-Sinfonieorchester) since 1991, where he is currently a solo percussionist and deputy solo timpanist. Konrad also performs frequently with the Southwest German Radio Symphony Orchestra (SWR Symphonieorchester).

Graf has taught at the Frankfurt University of Music and Performing Artst (2001-2004) and is currently teaching private lessons and courses independently. Through his solo and chamber music activities, Konrad has toured extensively throughout Europe, Japan, United States of America, China, Taiwan and Korea.


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