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Flips 4 Gumption to Vertical

The flip from Gumption to Vertical is the same as the flip from Set to Gumption, except the the arms are wholely responsible for the pathway and the wrists and fingers control the rotation.

Music City Mystique Cymbal Instructor Zach Blessing details the flip pathway between gumption and vertical positions:


Like all flips, you should take the most direct pathway between the positions. Keep the upper body as relaxed and still as possible. The final motion of the flip will be as close to instantaneous as possible – starting a split second before 1 and ending in a solid gumption position on count 1.

Here is a breakdown of the flip motion:

Start at the gumptioni position. Initiate the flip by moving outward and upward with the arms, pressing slightly with the thumbs. 

As you lift the arms and separate the cymbals, keep a two inch gap between the blades.

Continue the rotation with the hands while the arms move upward. The flashpoint will be midway through with the bells facing forward.

Begin to bring the cymbals together, keeping the two inch gap between them at the bottom.

Press in with the fingers as you raise the arms to the vertical position.

End the flip in the perfect vertical position. Bells at eye level, blades straight and even all the way around with a 2″ gap between the cymbals.

When learning this flip, start slow, hitting all the checkpoints in the pathway. As you begin to morph it into one smooth motion, try to keep the upperbody, arms and hands relaxed. Practice flipping from Set to Gumption, then Gumption to Vertical slow to fast – using the 3 count, 2 count and 1 count exercise structure that we’ve used in the previous lessons.

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