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Flips 5: Jones Flip Vertical to Gumption

The flip from Vertical to Gumption is called the Jones Flip, created by Julian Jones, Music City Mystique alumnus. This flip requires an outward motion with the right hand and inward motion with the left hand as you move the cymbals downward.

Music City Mystique Cymbal Instructor Zach Blessing details the flip pathway between vertical and gumption positions:


Like all flips, you should take the most direct pathway between the positions. Keep the upper body as relaxed and still as possible. The final motion of the flip will be as close to instantaneous as possible – starting a split second before 1 and ending in a solid gumption position on count 1.

Here is a breakdown of the flip motion:

Start at the vertical position, hands together, knots at eye level.

As you move down, the right hand will do an outward flip, the left hand will do an inward flip.

You’ll end in the gumption position.

To work on the Jones flip, its best to break down each hand separately. Here is the breakdown of the right hand outward flip.

Place the right hand at vertical position.

As you rotate down and outward with the thumb, pressing with the pinky. At this point, you’ll have a slight break in the wrist.

Relax your fingers and let them disengage from the cymbal. Allow the pad and gravity help the cymbal rotate freely.

At the mid point of the flip, you’ll have a flash point with the cymbal facing towards the audience.

As you continue through the flash point, press the finger tips back on to the cymbal, pushing back into the gumption position.

You’ll end the right hand in the gumption position. Practice the right hand by itself, slowly – then gradually speeding up.

Here is the breakdown of the left hand inward flip.

Place the left hand at vertical position.

Pull your arm down, pressing inward with the thumb. As you move downward and outward, allow the fingers to disengage from the cymbal to create the flash point.

Press the fingertips back on the cymbal to move it into the gumption position.

When learning this flip, start slow, hitting all the checkpoints in the pathway. As you begin to morph it into one smooth motion, try to keep the upperbody, arms and hands relaxed.

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