with music city mystique:
Hip Rest Position

The Hip Rest position is often used as a check point or starting point for flips and juggles. In this video, Music City Mystique Cymbal Line Instructor Zach Blessing describes the perfect set position that you’ll use during rehearsals.

Music City Mystique Cymbal Instructor Zach Blessing details the Hip Rest position:


Start by establishing great posture as described in the previous lessons. Bring the cymbals up to the height of your hips. Keep the bowed arm shape we’ve established for all positions and bring the bottom edges together at the bottom and top edges apart at a comfortable 35-40 degree angle (along with the lines of your arm position).

Make sure that the cymbals are even top to bottom. The bottom edges of the cymbals should be 2 inches apart.

Pay attention to your blade positions.

The audience should only see the blades of the cymbals.

Don’t push inward with the fingers and bend the wrists. This will show too much of the tops of the cymbals.

If you’re showing the inside of the cymbals, you’re pushing with the heels of your hands.

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