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Full Flips: COMBINATION Exercise 1

This exercise combines all of the flips that you’ve learned so far:
• Set to Hip Rest
• Hip Rest to Vertical
• Vertical to Set
• Set to Vertical
• Vertical to Set

Music City Mystique Cymbal Instructor Zach Blessing details the full flips combination exercise 1:

FULL FLIPS, Combination Exercise 1

Take the most direct pathway between the positions. Keep the upper body as relaxed and still as possible. Always check your starting and ending positions by watching yourself in a mirror or filming yourself. It helps to film yourself in “slo-mo” if possible to really see if the path is consistent from player to player.

Here is a breakdown of the THREE count exercise structure:
1.Set to hip rest 2. Hip rest to vertical 3. Vertical to set 4. Set to vertical 5. Vertical to set:

Initiate each motion on count one

Check the flash point on each count 2

Lock into the ending position on count 3.

Hold on count 4, checking the position.

|:   Move,  2,  3  ..   |  Move,  2,  3  ..   😐

Here is a breakdown of the TWO count exercise structure:

Initiate the motion on count one

Check the flash point on the “and” of count one

Lock into the ending positon on count 2.

Hold on counts three and four, checking the position.

|:   Move AND  2,  ..  ..   |  Move AND  2,  ..  ..   😐

Here is a breakdown of the ONE count exercise:

The final performance flip will be as fast as possible. Think of starting on one and ending on one.

Hold on counts 2, 3 & 4, checking each position.

|:   MOVE,  ..  ..  ..   |  MOVE,  ..  ..  ..   😐

Finally, you’ll flip through the entire sequence every 2 counts:

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