Zildjian Workout with AARON SERFATY
Level 1: Paradiddles

In this ZILDJIAN WORKOUT episode, Aaron Serfaty takes you though multiple paradiddle drum set exercises. The first few exercises get you moving your hands around the kit while playing paradiddles. The next exercise has you moving your hands from right to left around the kit while playing paradiddles. Then Aaron showcases playing paradiddles around the kit while playing samba patterns with your feet. He recommends looking at the book “Stick Control” by George Lawrence Stone, specifically page 5, exercises 5-8 and playing those over a samba beat.

Grab your sticks and get ready for a workout!


Aaron Serfaty was born in Caracas, Venezuela. He began playing drum set at the age of fifteen and started to play professionally at seventeen. He did extensive work as a session and touring drummer from 1980 until 1991 with local and international artists.

In 1991 he moved to Los Angeles to study Jazz and African American Studies at the California Institute of the Arts (Albert “Tootie” Heath, Joe LaBarbera). Aaron has also taken lessons with Peter Erskine, Jeff Hamilton, Jerry Steinholz, and Juan Oliva.He has played with Arturo Sandoval, Sergio Mendes, Jon Anderson, Dori Caymmi, and Don Grusin among many others.He has done clinics and master classes at the Lima Jazz Festival in Peru 2006, the First Latin American Drummers Festival in Caracas, Venezuela 2004, and at the French Polynesia Conservatory of Music in Papeete, Tahiti 2005.He is currently on faculty at the University of Southern California (1997-present), at The California Institute of the Arts (2000-present), and at the Los Angeles Music Academy (1996-present).



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