Zildjian Workout with Nicole Casino
Level 1: ROLL Chop Out

In this ZILDJIAN WORKOUT episode, Nicole Casino takes you through a roll “chop-out” exercise that’ll really get the blood flowing!

Grab your sticks and get ready for a workout!


As a Southern California native, Nicole Casino has had a full career of arts and entertainment accomplishments. She began as a marching percussionist and has performed with a number of award-winning DCI and WGI ensembles including Pulse Percussion (2011-2013), RCC (2014-2015), Bluecoats (2011) and Blue Devils (2012-2013) where she was named the first female center snare in the corps history.

Currently, she is a percussionist and performer for the Disneyland Resort, and holds a Master of Arts from Berklee College of Music in Global Entertainment and Music Business.

Alongside her performing career, Nicole found a passion for percussion education, teaching all levels of ensembles around the world. She is currently the Percussion Co-Caption Head for Pacific Crest and the Percussion Director for Arroyo High School. Other notable ensembles that she has worked with include Chino Hills High School, Vista Murrieta High School, Broken City, Vessel, Blue Knights, and the Malmö Drum Corps of Malmö, Sweden.

Merging her passions of music, education and business, she founded 92 Creatives where she aims to help other artists build sustainable careers with their music and creative endeavors and incubate innovative projects, specifically for the marching arts.

She remains a consultant for artists and ensembles across the globe and pulls from her wide range of experiences to develop a unique style all her own. Her goal is to continue to help other artists through spreading knowledge and giving back to the community that has given so much to her. Nicole is a proud Educational Endorser of Vic Firth, Mapex, and Zildjian.


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