Zildjian Workout with the 2021 Blue Stars
Level 3: Full Warmup Program

In this ZILDJIAN WORKOUT episode you’ll have the opportunity to play along to the full warmup program with the 2021 Blue Stars Drum & Bugle Corps drumline. Each exercise is introduced by Battery Co-Coordinators Sean Knuth and Michael Spooner, giving you a quick breakdown for your workout.

Grab your sticks and get ready for a workout!

This video has all 6 Exercises from the 2021 Blue Stars Warmup Program, including:

“Several Camps” by Sean Knuth

“Double Beat” by Michael Spooner

“PIDS” by Sean Knuth

“Stick Control” by Murray Gusseck

“Blue Flams” by Michael Spooner

“Triplet Rolls” by Michael Spooner

“8-8-16 / Legato Stretch”

Remember to use the chapter markers in the video playbar to quickly jump to any exercise!

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